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Team Xtreme is a formation display team flown by South African aerobatic pilots. The team was started in 2010 by Mark Hensman & Nigel Hopkins flying two MX2 aircraft in a high energy duo display.

The duo Team is joined by wingmen Mark Sampson & Jason Beamish to make a dynamic 4-ship display which includes cross-over passes, synchronized, freestyle and formation aerobatics.

Also known as FireStars Aerobatic Team while operating in China.

The Team has performed airshows in Southern Africa and China since 2010, and were voted in the top 3 display Teams at the World Aerobatic Formation Challenge 2017.

Team Xtreme Pilots

Nigel Hopkins

Position #1 (Formation Leader)
Total Flying hours: 18,000 hrs
Training Capt A320 - South African Airways

Mark Sampson

Position #2 (RH Wingman)
Total Flying hours: 10,500 hrs
Capt B744 - Cathay Pacific Airways

Jason Beamish

Position #3 (LH Wingman)
Total Flying hours: 2,100 hrs
Aircraft Engineer - Absolute Aviation

Mark Hensman

Position #4 (Box & Solo)
Total Flying hours: 15,500 hrs
Team Manager

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