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Team Xtreme is a formation display team flown by South African aerobatic pilots. The team was started in 2010 by Mark Hensman &  Nigel Hopkins flying two MX2 aircraft in a high energy duo display.

The duo Team is joined by wingmen Mark Sampson & Jason Beamish to make a dynamic 4-ship display which includes cross-over passes, synchronized, freestyle and formation aerobatics.

The Team has performed airshows in China and South Africa since 2010.

Team Xtreme Pilots

Nigel Hopkins

Position #1 (Formation Leader)
Total Flying hours: 18,000 hrs
Training Capt A320 - South African Airways

Mark Sampson

Position #2 (RH Wingman)
Total Flying hours: 10,500 hrs
Capt B744 - Cathay Pacific Airways

Jason Beamish

Position #3 (LH Wingman)
Total Flying hours: 2,100 hrs
Aircraft Engineer - Absolute Aviation

Mark Hensman

Position #4 (Box & Solo)
Total Flying hours: 15,500 hrs
Team Manager

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